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Primal Rods

Flugspön från Primal är ett resultat av flera års hårt slit av Nya Zeeländska Manic Tackle Project.
Med Primal har de skapat ett flugspö som besitter själ, ser fantastiskt ut, presterar ännu bättre och känns lätt i handen. Och viktigast av allt, till ett pris som är tillgängligt för alla! Välkommen att handla marknadens absolut mest prisvärda flugfiskespön!
Fly fishing is inherently a Primal pursuit.

The hunting of the prey, the thrill of the stalk, the unsaid battle that commences once your quarry is hooked. It’s our connection to the outdoors, it’s guttural, and it’s within.

Our deep connection with fly fishing has shaped the tools, and our base instincts drive the passion that goes into creating Primal fly rods. Primal Rod Co evolved because we saw there was a space to be filled and we had a relentless drive to create the solution.

The brief was simple. Create a fly rod that possesses soul, looks amazing, performs even better, and feels light in hand. And most importantly, at a price that is accessible to all.

Not designed by product developers in lab coats, Primal fly rods are the tangible results of decades of hard earned fly fishing expertise. If you could catch fly fishing lightning in a bottle, this is it.

That’s what makes Primal different.

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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