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Troutline Marabou Plumes Premium

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Product Description:
Our Troutline Marabou Feathers contains a premium selection of large marabou feathers with nice structure, soft and silky barbs and long stems. All these feathers are selected by hand and each pack contain around 12-14 feathers minimum in length up to 15cm or even more.

Everybody knows that Marabou feathers are very vibrant in water. They pulse and work in currents like nothing else. For these reasons Marabou is popular for tying small, medium and even large flies. like streamers, buggers, micro streamers and baby fish.

popular for all kind of flies like streamers and wet flies from salt through to still water, for virtually every species
can be used for making the simple buggers and wooly bugger flies but also for spey stealheads and seatrout flies
feathers are selected and dyed carefully in order to provide the highest quality we can
feathers with stem
length up to 15cm or more
sourced from giant white turkey

History behind these feathers and how to understand them.

Initially these feathers were from Marabou stork. But the high demand for these genuine feathers made this product difficult to find. Turkey, especially those white raised in farms, became a fantastic substitute for the original stuff.

These silky flies are selected depending of size and type. There are two types : with stem and without. Those with stems has long barbs with slightly different structure compared with those called blood quill feathers . The long feathers with stems are used for making colars, hackle and tails for large flies. The structure of the barbs are different, the tips are thinner, a little bit elastic and ridged. At the base are more fluffy and soft with more volume.

The blood quill suits for tails, palmered flies and for small wings because they are very soft and pulsant with a little bit shorter barbs. The entire structure of the blood quill barbs are the same from the tip to the base.

Preparation before tying:

We higly recommend that after you buy your marabou to take them out from bags and select and brush them to regain their volume. Use a simple soft brush ( those used for baby toothbrush are perfect). You can select them based of size so that when you start tying everything will be perfect adjusted and you will be able to tie consistent flies.

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Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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